Harvest 2018 - Pinot Noir

While mother nature didn’t completely cooperate with us on the timing, the Pinot Noir 2018 harvest was done by hand this week and the fruit looks great. The farming aspect of wine making is one of the elements that makes each year in the bottle different (despite using the same vines). Last year we could’ve picked the Pinot Noir any day we wanted once it was ripe as the growing conditions were perfect. This year for some varieties (Pinot Noir being one of them), picking was dictated by the weather.

From the vineyard we took the grapes directly to North Coast Wine Club to have them de-stemmed and crushed.

Red wine gets it’s color by sitting on the skins for a period of time after harvest. Here is the barrel of Pinot Noir must (must is the juice, skins, seeds), ready to be turned into wine.

Pinot Noir must