Upcoming Harvest - 2018

Harvest is on it’s way

Harvest is on it’s way

It’s been four months since bud break in the vineyard and harvest is around the corner. Wineries in the area are checking the sugar levels among other signs for ripeness of each varietal trying to determine the perfect time to pick. Each kind of wine grape matures at different times of the year. Some early varietals are already being picked, while some won’t be picked for another month. Here is a look at the two varietals involved in the Rent-a-Row program.


A look at the progression of the chardonnay over the last couple of weeks in the vineyard. As harvest nears the grape becomes more translucent. M Cellars will be machine harvesting the Chardonnay for us in the next two weeks, depending on weather and ripening. We’ll video tape the picking for you and blog it for you, it’s amazing the technology of the process. The pressed juice will make it’s way to NCWC to start the wine making.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is one of the most popular wines to drink in the world and its also one of the most fickle grapes to grow. Notice the tight bunch of Pinot Noir compared to the Chardonnay above? That makes the grape more susceptible to damage during wet conditions during harvest….like when a tropical storm named Gordon moves through Ohio wine country. The good news is the row still looks great, however we may need to move up the pick date (tentatively Sept 22nd).

Tentatively there will be opportunities both Sept 22nd and Sept 29th. Sept 22nd at Vineyard Woods and at NCWC in Solon (crush the grapes picked) and Sept 29th at NCWC (see the wines as they begin their fermenation, and see the crush process as they bring in other grapes from across the country).