Bud Break

Late April and early May are important in the vineyard as the hills around the vines are taken down and the 2018 vintage gets its start with bud break. Bud break occurs when the first green leaves push out to start a new growth cycle.  After bud break is a crucial time in the vineyard as these bud are delicate and prone to frost damage.  Just one night below 32 degrees after bud break could severely damage the crop.  

To depict how quick bud break occurs I was able to take a couple pictures early in the week (May 7th) to show the buds yet to have any green leaves coming out from the vines.

As you can see by Thursday of this week (May 10th) there was bud break in the vineyard and soon the entire vineyard will be full of green and we'll have to trim all the excess leaves so the sun can reach the growing clusters of grapes.

The growing season has begun on the 2018 vintage!!