The Ashtabula County Fairground website states that on October 30, 1822, a group of pioneer citizens met at the old brick Court House in Jefferson to form the Ashtabula Agricultural Society. From the small group assembled, a committee was appointed to draft a Constitution for the Society, whose purpose it was to promote the interest of agriculture in the forest covered land of Ashtabula County.

We aren't sure what the pioneers envisioned, but maybe they talked of one day producing Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup, Cider Slushies, and Smoked Gouda in the county.  All of these products available here in Ashtabula County are derived from local area farms.  The best part is that you can go right to the production site, orchard, or farm and check them out yourself.

Bissell Maple Farm - The 6th generation maple farmers started making maple syrup in the county in the 1800's.  The maple syrup, candy, mustard, bbq sauce, peanuts are always staples of a visit to Bissells.  Over the last decade they have turned it up a notch and have become the leader in innovation of taste with their bourbon barrel aged maple syrup that is sold all over the country.  Open all year round, 15 minutes from Vineyard Woods.

Brant's Apple Orchard - Nothing says fall in northeast Ohio like Brant's Apple Orchard.  A short drive from Vineyard Woods, Brant's offers a wide variety of goodies from donuts, to pies, to apple cider slushies on hot days or hot apple cider on cold days.  Brant's has been a destination in the area for decades and with recent renovations there is plenty of space to sit and enjoy your apple cider donut overlooking the beautiful countryside. Open seasonally, 20 minutes from Vineyard Woods.

Mayfield Road Creamery - With the dairy industry becoming a much harder place to make a living for a small farm, the Moriss family (fifth generation on the farm) decided to diversify and build a farmstead creamery almost 10 years ago.  Open Fridays and Saturdays to the public you can go directly to the source of some of the great cheeses that are sold throughout Ohio at the finest grocery stories, wineries, and restaurants.  (Appointments can also be made other than Fri/Sat), 25 minutes from Vineyard Woods.